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10 Beauty Benefits of Watermelon Seed Oil for Skin, Hair & More

There’s nothing as refreshing as fresh slices of watermelon on a hot summer day! When it comes to watermelon seeds, most of us spit them out.

But did you know that watermelon seeds are dried, toasted and squeezed to extract a nutritious oil known as watermelon seed oil?

Watermelon Seed Oil Profile

♥ Scientific Name:

Citrullus lanatus

♥ Other Names:

Watermelon seed oil is also known as ootanga oil and kalahari oil

♥ Origin:

The first documented use of watermelon seed oil is in the Kalahari desert, where the native African people used it as a cooking oil.

♥ Color and Smell:

The oil has a light yellow color. It has a slightly nutty scent, like many seed oils.

♥ Texture:

Watermelon seed oil is a light oil, having a consistency thinner than olive oil. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

♥ Shelf Life:

1 – 2 years

Properties of Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon seed oil is rich in many properties that make it nutritious and healing for the skin. Some of these components include:

1. Use in Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is the trendy new method of cleansing your face that you may have heard about. There is no soap involved at all. Only oil and a cloth dipped in hot water are used to cleanse, clean and exfoliate the face. Watermelon seed oil makes a perfect oil for oil cleansing because it really penetrates the skin and removes impurities, dirt and dead skin. You can use watermelon seed oil alone, or in combination with a thick oil like castor oil.

2. Removes Dark Circles

Watermelon seed is great at reducing and removing dark circles around the eyes. It contains a good amount of Vitamin E, which is critical in dark circle removal. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and it contributes in eliminating dark circles by fighting free radical damage and promoting blood circulation to the area. Dab 2 drops of watermelon seed oil under the eyes every night before you go to sleep.

3. Works as a Carrier Oil

You can use watermelon seed oil as a carrier oil for essential oils. Dilute 8 – 12 drops of your essential oil of choice in ½ a cup of watermelon seed oil. You can use this on your skin or hair. For hair growth, mix 10 drops of rosemary essential oil in ½ a cup of watermelon seed oil and massage this into your scalp. For skin application, mix 12 drops of frankincense essential oil in ½ cup of watermelon seed oil and apply all over your body.

4. For Massage

Watermelon seed oil actually makes a wonderful massage oil, much like olive oil! It is non-greasy and can be used for full body massages with firm pressure. It also makes a great oil to use in massaging babies and those with sensitive skin.

5. For Skin Detoxification

You may already know that watermelons and watermelon seeds have powerful detoxification properties. This is because they are rich in numerous vitamins and trace minerals. These detoxification properties are embodied within the oil. Applied on the skin, it can help remove impurities and toxic matter, leaving your skin cleansed and nourished.

6. As a Moisturizer

Ever thought of making your own lotion or body oil to moisturize your body? Well watermelon seed oil is actually one of the best oils you can use for your skin because it gets absorbed so quickly! It works for all skin types. But if you have oily skin, you will love it! For oily skin, make a moisturizing body oil with ½ cup of watermelon seed oil and 10 drops of your essential oil of choice

7. Fights Wrinkles and Aging

Watermelon seed oil has a high linoleic and oleic acid content, which make it potent in fighting wrinkles and premature aging. Those who want a light oil that has anti-aging properties will love watermelon seed oil. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Suffering from uneven skin tone? This is also known as hyperpigmentation, where some areas of the skin have more melanin than others. It makes some parts of the skin appear darker that the rest. The trace minerals and omega acids found in watermelon seed oil can help with hyperpigmentation. Combine with other oils such as turmeric oil and lemon oil to clear hyperpigmentation on the face, knees, elbows and knuckles.

9. Reduces Puffiness & Water Retention

There’s actually a study carried out showing that watermelon seed oil has a significant effect in reducing water retention or edema. This means that watermelon seed oil is a powerful remedy to reduce puffiness in any area of the skin. It works well in reducing under eye puffiness and eye bags.

10. For Hair Care

Being a light oil, watermelon seed oil is perfect if you want to moisturize your hair without weighing it down with heavy oils. Apply watermelon seed oil on your hair to tone down frizzy hair. It gives you a light, sleek look without being greasy at all. Best of all, this oil has a great nutritional profile that helps to grow thick and healthy hair.










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